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Breast Reduction – Female

Reducing the size of breasts in women (mammaplasty)

Breast reduction in women is also commonly referred to as mammaplasty. The surgical procedure removes excess breast fat, skin and glandular tissue in order to achieve a breast size which is in proportion with your body. People with overly large breasts often suffer discomfort associated with this condition. Large breasts in women can lead to emotional and health problems; aside from experiencing physical pain and discomfort large breasts can lead to self image issues.

Your ability to lead an active life can be impaired by the weight of excess breasts and so for some women it is a necessary and even life-changing surgical procedure.

Breast reduction surgery is sometimes appropriate for teenagers, helping them to lead a normal life and to gain self-confidence at this important stage in their lives.

Is breast reduction surgery right for me?

Breast reduction surgery is a good option if:

  • You have realistic expectations
  • The size of your breasts bothers you
  • You are physically healthy
  • Your breasts limit your physical activity
  • You experience neck, back and shoulder pain because of the weight of your breasts
  • You have indentations from bra straps that hurt you
  • Your breasts hang low and have stretched skin
  • Your areolas are enlarged because of stretched skin
  • You don’t smoke

We have consultants at Cosmetic Clinic ready to assist you and to answer all your questions regarding breast reduction surgery for women. Contact us now for a free consultation. We also have finance available for surgical procedures for those who qualify.

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