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Complimentary pre-screening

Our complimentary pre-screening is unique to Cosmetic Clinic.

We invite you to take advantage of this excellent offer today.

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Cosmetic Surgery Procedures 

With the help of our surgeons we try our best to structure cost effective pricing packages which are hard, if not impossible to beat by any of our competitors. This we do while, at the same time, we make sure that only the best medical products and technology available in South Africa are utilized.

Breast Related Surgery

Breast related surgery generally attempts to redefine breast size and shape. Some of the reasons why these types of surgery are undertaken are natural ageing, pregnancy or gravity. At Cosmetic Clinic it is possible to alter breast appearance to achieve a more pleasing size or shape, without compromising the natural functioning of the breast.

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Body Related Surgery

Body related surgery is not just about looking good; often this type of procedure can address health, or quality of life issues that can be debilitating. Cosmetic Clinic is proud to offer various options to improve the quality of your life.

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Face Related Surgery

Facial surgery aims to restore or modify undesirable features in such a way that appearance and functionality are not compromised. It is possible to slow or reverse the appearance of ageing using these techniques.

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At Cosmetic Clinic we are so enthusiastic about the service we provide that we are prepared to offer you a free assessment session with trained counselors in either Roodepoort, Pretoria(Lynnwood) or Benoni and we suggest you book your session right away to have all your questions answered.