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Finance Available

Approach us for a personalised financial plan to suit your pocket and your needs, we are happy to assist.

Excellent financial payment plans & plastic surgery prices available from a financial provider  for plastic surgery and laser treatment

There is no need to stifle your dreams because of lack of finance. We all deserve to live the best life we can. For many people cosmetic surgery can make the difference between living in misery and living a life filled with self-confidence and having a feeling of being at ease with oneself. At Cosmetic Clinic we understand that not everyone has the financial resources at hand when needed for cosmetic/plastic surgery.

First Health Finance provides medical payment plans to patients unable to afford the upfront cost of a medical procedure, or where medical aid does not cover the entire cost of the procedure.

FHF finances all types of medical procedures including plastic surgery, dental procedures, ophthalmic procedures, hearing aids, fertility treatment, hair restoration and more.


MediFin currently provides medical finance to individuals all over the country and is establishing new relationships with more and more practices on a daily basis.

MediFin´s sole purpose is to assist normal South Africans to proceed with their desired, if not critical, medical procedures sooner rather than later.


Make An Appointment

Who will I see?

You will see one of our expertly trained Nurse Counselors who will be able to answer your questions. Note that this is just the preliminary consultation, it is not a consultation with the surgeon. There is no charge for this consultation but, if you decide to go ahead with the procedure you will be booked to see a surgeon and you will have to pay for the consultation with the surgeon. You can ask the counselor about the cost of the consultation with the surgeon.

What will I learn ?

You will be able to ask all the questions that concern you about having a cosmetic procedure, for example; 

• Will there be any pain?
• Will there be downtime after the procedure?
• How long will the procedure last?
• Who will do the procedure?
• How qualified is the surgeon who will do the procedure