Body Contouring for Arm, Chin, Neck, Jaw

With the amazing new VASER Lipo 2.2 technology we are able to target and body contour specific areas of the body to shape and contour them. The arms, chin, neck and jaw can undergo the procedure even though these are sensitive body areas.

The progressive VASER Lipo brand recently introduced a new addition to their lineup of liposuction tools, designed to make surgical fat removal more efficient than ever before. VASERsmooth probes offer the same top-tier results that patients expect from VASER, with the added benefit of a smoother physique. That means that you can cut body contouring procedures out of your to-do list because VASERsmooth suctions out the bulk, while smoothing out unattractive dimples and rippling.


VASERsmooth utilizes ultrasound power to break down fatty tissue, making it easier to pass through tubes and out of the body. While traditional liposuction uses aggressive techniques like pummeling to find and emulsify fat, VASER Liposelection uses a non-mechanical power to make the process speedier and less aggressive on fragile nerves and tissue. And unlike non-surgical body contouring procedures, VASERsmooth can remove substantial amounts of fat from nearly anywhere on the body: abdomen, hips, buttocks, thighs, arms, and more. The new tool cuts away at fibrous tissue that can cause rippling, dimples, and the otherwise uneven look that sometimes results from liposuction. VASERsmooth also makes the liposuction process more efficient by clearing away tissue for an unblocked path of fat removal.

This is the perfect alternative to surgery which requires long downtime and the results are proven and amazing. For more information contact us at Cosmetic Clinic in Gauteng, South Africa. We have the only VASER Lipo 2.2 in Africa!

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