What does mammoplasty surgery cost in South Africa?

\Mammoplasty, or breast reduction surgery, is the procedure used to reduce the size and weight of a woman’s breasts. A breast reduction makes sure that a woman’s breasts are in proportion to the rest of her frame. If you are unhappy with the size, shape, weight or droop of your breasts, then a breast reduction will help you. Beyond its aesthetic purposes though, there are very real physical ailments that a breast reduction can help alleviate. As such, having mammoplasty can have a significantly positive aesthetic, physical and psychological result. Once you have decided that you too would benefit from this surgery, it’s only natural to wonder how much it will cost you in South Africa.

What factors will influence the cost of mammoplasty?

When looking at the cost of a breast reduction, it isn’t just one lump sum. There are multiple costs to factor in that will affect how much your procedure costs altogether. Obviously, the cost of the procedure will largely depend on who performs it and where. The separate costs that you will need to add up include, your surgeon’s fee, anaesthesia fee, hospital fee, any post-surgical costs, medication costs, and your breast size.

The surgeon’s fee will most likely vary depending on the length of your surgery as a result of how big your breast are and how much tissue reshaping is needed. Your surgeon’s geographical location may also factor into how much they charge. This is because doctors who live in densely populated areas usually have a higher demand for their services and higher overheads. As such, they are more expensive than less populated areas. Next, your surgeon’s experience will also influence their fee. It is important that you don’t skimp on choosing a doctor with ample experience, as an inexperienced doctor is potentially dangerous. Taking this all into account, a surgeon’s fee is usually somewhere around R 16 000, but this is a very loose figure.

The next cost to look at is the anaesthesia. This will be influenced by who is administering it, and where. Roughly though, the cost starts from about R6 000. Depending on whether you have your breast reduction at a traditional hospital or a day hospital facility, the cost of the hospital would start at around R15 000. As for the medications, this will fluctuate depending on the case. Therefore you will need to speak to your surgeon for a better idea of how much the medication will cost.

How much will my mammoplasty cost overall?

If you haven’t already cracked out your calculator and worked it out, adding up all the above, a breast reduction will start from around R37 000. Some insurance plans will help pay this, as it does have physical health benefits. However, if your insurance plan won’t help pay for the surgery, often the plastic surgery practice can work with you to create a payment plan. A breast reduction is a life-changing procedure and worth every penny.