Can I improve sagging breasts with surgery?

Most men get to a point in their lives where they have sagging breasts beyond a point where they can be confident in their appearance. Over time a woman’s breasts lose their youthful shape and firmness. This change happens as a result of weight fluctuations, ageing, gravity, pregnancy, heredity and breastfeeding. Thankfully though, a breast lift reshapes the breast contour making them appear youthful again. The procedure works by removing excess skin and tightening the surrounding tissue. A breast lift will also reduce enlarged areolas. If you are unsure whether or not you should have a breast lift, try placing a pencil under your breast, if it stays you may want to think about the procedure for your sagging breasts.

The procedure to correct sagging breasts is a popular one, taking only three hours to complete under general anaesthetic on an outpatient basis. Some women choose to get implants placed at the same time as their breast lift, however this isn’t mandatory to correct sagging breasts. Your doctor will discuss the best options for your case with you. After the procedure, women attest to feeling more confident in their appearance and as a result, have a higher self-esteem.

Am I a good candidate for a breast lift?

The first thing to look at when thinking about getting any plastic surgery is why you want the procedure. You should never get any cosmetic procedure performed for anyone else but yourself. If you feel that society or an individual is pressuring you to look a certain way and that surgery will help you achieve this – you should not go through with the procedure.

If you want a breast lift for the right reasons, you would be a good candidate for the surgery if you are physically fit and healthy and maintain a stable weight. Physical attributes that would make you a good candidate for the procedure are if you have stretched skin and enlarged areolas, nipples and areolas that point downwards, one breast that is lower than the other, your breasts have a longer flatter shape, or your nipples fall lower than the breast crease when they are left unsupported. Lastly, if you don’t smoke and you feel bothered by the fact that you have sagging breasts that have lost their volume and shape then you are a good candidate for the surgery.

How should I prepare for my breast lift surgery?

When you have decided that a breast lift is the right path for you, the next thing to think about is how to prepare for the surgery. Like all surgeries, you will need to undergo a full medical examination, including lab tests, and you may need to take certain medication or adjust existing medication. If you smoke, you will need to stop well before your procedure. You will also need to avoid taking any anti-inflammatory drugs, aspirin and herbal supplements as all of these can increase bleeding when you have your procedure. Lastly, in preparation for your breast lift you will need to get a baseline mammogram, and one after surgery, to help see if there have been any changes in your breast tissue. On another note, before you have your procedure, make sure that you have organised for someone to pick you up and look after you for at least the first twenty-four hours after your surgery.