The perfect body is something that eludes most of us. Research done at the University of West England (UWE) has found that at least 30% of women in the UK would trade a year of their life inthe perfect body order to attain their ideal body weight and shape. The research was carried out in partnership with the Succeed Foundation at the Centre for Appearance Research at UWE. The findings of this research bring to light that issues with body image are a problem for women of all ages and not just adolescents, as the research took place at university campuses across England, interviewing women of all ages.

Statistics of What Women Would Trade for the Perfect Body

The women interviewed were asked a series of questions based on what they would do to achieve their ideal body shape. The results were then compiled to reveal that on either end of the scale 16% of the women would trade a year of their life while 1% would trade twenty-one or more years of their life in order to have the perfect body. Another 12% of women would trade two to 10 years of their life to attain their ideal body shape and weight.

The results of the other statistics are somewhat concerning in terms of beauty norms and how they have affected the women in what the women are willing to trade in order to achieve the ideal body. In total 26% of the women surveyed were willing to trade one of the following:

  • 6% would trade achieving a first class honours degree
  • 7% were willing to trade their health
  • 7% would trade spending time with their family
  • 8% would sacrifice a promotion at work
  • 9% would rather have a perfect body than spend time with friends
  • 9% would similarly trade spending time with their partner for their ideal body
  • And Finally, 13% would sacrifice £5000 from their annual salary

Why are These Women Dissatisfied With Their Appearance?

Sadly, 46% of those interviewed have been made fun of in relation to their appearance. Of these women, unsurprisingly 39% said that as a result, they would use cosmetic surgery to alter their appearance. Of this 39% who said that they would have cosmetic surgery in order to attain their ideal appearance, 76% desired multiple surgical procedures in order to achieve this ideal. A further 5% of the women interviewed had already had cosmetic surgery to achieve their ideal beauty at the time of being interviewed.

Interestingly, in terms of body shape and weight, 70% of the women said that they would like to lose weight. This is even more alarming considering that the majority were either underweight or in the ‘normal’ weight ranges. Regardless of the statistic, it is clear from the foregoing that the majority of women are dissatisfied with their appearance.

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