You may think that you know every facelift that there is, but have you heard of the perma-smile? The perma-smile is a cosmetic procedure that is becoming increasingly popular in Korea. Originally designed to treat overly droopy lips, this facelift is designed to turn the corners of the lips upwards. It is not clear where the surgery originates, but regardless it is most popular in Korea. Not only does the facelift lift and curl the lips upward, but it can also result in a longer and wider mouth.

Why is this Facelift Popular in Korea?

South Korea statistically has some of the highest numbers of people having plastic surgery in the world. One of the reasons that plastic surgery is so common in this part of the world is the intense drive to appear more Western. This is unsurprising when one considers that the ideal beauty presented to us is in Western media. Many of the procedures used to achieve this goal can be painful and recovery can take a while. An example would be double jaw surgery, where the bone in the jaw is cut and realigned so as to create a softer and smaller shaped face. While this may sound extreme, this procedure is almost mainstream in Korea. The perma-smile is another such surgery that is becoming more and more popular amongst the Korean people.

Generally speaking, when one thinks of plastic surgery, one thinks of America. Interestingly though, the perma-smile facelift isn’t all that popular in America, not even with Asian Americans. This can be put down to different beauty trends in different locations. Some plastic surgeons in America have said that this type of facelift isn’t a new procedure and that variations of it have been performed in the US for years. However, other plastic surgeons have noted that this procedure isn’t something that Americans have asked for yet, in that the lips haven’t been turned up to this degree by any other procedure in the past. Whatever the case, it is clear that this isn’t a mainstream facelift in the Western world.

One of the major differences between people in American and Korea who have this facelift is what the procedure is used for. In Korea, the procedure is performed in order to create a stylised appearance to the mouth, rather than just to correct a frowning mouth. Moreover, predominantly young men and women have the procedure in Korea. In contrast, in America, the facelift is performed using Botox or fillers to improve the appearance of the patient’s mouth. As such, the procedure is usually performed on older patients as part of an anti-ageing regimen.

Whatever the reason for having the procedure, and whoever is having it, the important thing is that you have thoroughly researched the operation and you feel comfortable with your surgeon before having it. There are many different kinds of facelifts that are performed with different objectives in mind all over the world; a perma-smile is just one such example.


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