Plastic Surgery Trend Predictions

Plastic surgery trends change with the times, as beauty norms change. While plastic surgery is more popular than ever, the procedures and what aesthetic goals people have for procedures is ever changing. The following attempts to look at some of the trends we are most likely to see with plastic surgery going forward.

1. An increase in plastic surgery in different markets.
Europe and The United States of America consistently stay the leaders in the popularity of plastic surgery. However, The Asian markets like South Korea, China and India are predicted to have high growth rates over the next five years. The world over, the use of plastic surgery is becoming more and more popular for people to achieve their aesthetic goals.

2. More and more dimples
As selfies become more and more a part of everyday life, so does the desire to look cute, friendly, and happy. How better to do this than with dimples? Creating dimples with plastic surgery is a simple outpatient procedure that leaves no visible scarring. To create dimples a procedure called dimplectomy is used, which involves a small incision on the inside of the cheek.

3. Bigger breast implants
While large breast implants were originally what women desired, in the last several years women have been opting for smaller, perkier breasts. However, it looks like this could change in favour of bigger breasts yet again in the next few years.

4. Fillers for smoothness rather than plumping.
While the last few years has seen overly plump Kylie Jenner lips, and cheeks with the help of fillers, this is soon to change. With new fillers being approved and beauty norms evolving, more people will not only be having fillers, but they will be having them to achieve natural looking smoother, wrinkle free skin, rather than obviously fake plump skin and lips.

5. More transsex Procedures
A positive result of Caitlin Jenner being so open about her transition, is that it is somewhat more accepted by general society, making it easier for others to come out and have the procedures needed for their transition. The kinder and more accepting society becomes, the more and more of these procedures we are set to see in the coming years. There is also a greater understanding of what features make an individual appear masculine or feminine when performing their desired gender, and so more people are likely to trust surgery to help them achieve their desired aesthetic goals for their male to female, and female to male transitions.

Whatever the trend, the most important thing is that should you be considering to have plastic surgery yourself, you are thinking about it for the right reasons and not because you feel pressured by someone or societal beauty norms. Even if you are just thinking about it, make an appointment with a good plastic surgeon to discuss the procedure, and its benefits and risks, so that you can make your decision from an informed position rather than doing something that you may later regret.


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