Plastic Surgery After Extreme Weight Loss

Losing weight, especially extreme amounts of weight is no easy feat. Unfortunately though, once all that weight is gone, previously obese individuals can be left with excess sagging skin that can be uncomfortable as well as unsightly. You’ve lost all the weight, but can still feel insecure about your appearance as a result of this excess skin. In such cases, plastic surgery can help. There are multiple plastic surgery procedures available that can target all different parts of the body after extreme weight loss. Body contouring plastic surgery aims to tighten the excess skin so that you can feel confident in your new sleeker and firmer appearance and truly enjoy the plethora of health benefits that come with being slimmer.

Your surgeon will tailor a body contouring plastic surgery plan specifically for you, which will most likely happen in stages. Plastic surgery after weight loss will remove all the excess, heavy folds of skin and fat stores that cannot be exercised away and that cause physical and psychological discomfort and pain. Plastic surgery after extreme weight loss can be an incredibly empowering experience once complete. It can be a long journey, but is well worth it due to the improvement that it can have on your mood, confidence and quality of life.

Things to Consider Before Having Plastic Surgery After Weight Loss

While the benefits of body contouring are many, there are also a few risks that should be considered. Firstly, the surgery may not meet your expectations, or even if you are happy with the results, they can be affected by weight gain, lifestyle choices and aging. Lastly, you will have permanent scarring, even though your surgeon will likely attempt to hide these scars.

Taking all this into account, plastic surgery for weight loss will also mean that you won’t have excess skin and all the side effects that come with it, and you will be able to fit into your clothes better. Apart from the physical benefits, like the fact that you will no longer have any painful itching, infections, rashes or have to carry extra weight, the surgery can drastically improve your self-esteem. However, these are just general positive and negative points to consider when looking into body contouring plastic surgery. If you are interested in the pros and cons of the specific surgeries that you are thinking of having, then it would be wise to consult your surgeon.

How Long do the Results of Plastic Surgery After Weight Loss Last?

The results of the plastic surgery are permanent. However, if your gain weight or fall pregnant, you may experience some changes to your results. Moreover, plastic surgery does not stop the normal aging process of the body. Some body contouring procedures, like breast implants, can be reversed should you so choose, and when you need to replace them. For the best results, and to maintain your safety, it is important that you attend your check-ups with your surgeon post surgery. Your doctor will be able to evaluate your results to make sure that you are on the right track, as well as answer any of your questions about your healing and eventual results.


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