Define Your Waistline with Body Contouring

Body contouring is a miracle procedure for women struggling to achieve the waist shape that they desire. Sometimes even if we spend hours at the gym and dieting, we still cant achieve our aesthetic goals. However, with body contouring a minor procedure using VASER Lipo liposuction easily creates waist definition with smooth contours. Body contouring is also an ideal procedure for women who have lost a lot of weight, and are left with excess sagging skin and fat as a result.
At Cosmetic Clinic the Waist Definition Procedure is one of the liposuction “mini procedures”. The procedure requires very little recovery time and is virtually painless to have performed. Clients have been thrilled with their results and report the following as benefits to the procedure.
• As already mentioned, the recovery time for this procedure is very quick.
• Improved skin elasticity and as a result retraction.
• The results of this minor procedure are very predictable.
• Moreover, the procedure results in smooth, tight skin.
• There is only minor discomfort and bruising as a side effect of body contouring with VASER Lipo liposuction.
• The procedure is so gentle that it is performed under local anaesthetic, which means that you are awake for the procedure and don’t need to worry about the complications that can come with general anaesthetic.
• Importantly, the procedure has proven to be safe the world over.
• VASER Lipo liposuction body contouring is so precise that it can be used not only on the waist, but also on delicate areas like the chin, neck, arms and inner thighs.
How Exactly Does VASER Lipo Liposuction Body Contouring Work?
VASER Lipo liposuction body contouring works by using VASER technology that emits sound energy that is similar to the laser technology used to remove cataracts in eyes. Fatty tissue consists mostly of fat cells, but there is also other important tissue, like connective tissue, nerves and blood vessels in fatty tissue. As such, the patented probes of the specialised laser technology transmit sound waves that break apart the fat, while leaving connective tissue, nerves and blood cells mostly intact. The fat is then liquefied and easily removed through gentle suction, and/or massage.
What Does a VASER Liposuction Body Contouring Treatment Entail?
Before your body contouring procedure begins you will be given a local anaesthetic to numb the area being worked on. Next, the fatty area will be infused with a saline solution that contains numbing agents, called tumescent fluid. The high frequency vibration of the VASER ultrasonic probes will then be used to beak up the fat cells so that they emulsify or liquefy into the infused fluid. The Emulsified fat is then easily removed through suction or massage as detailed previously. After you procedure you will be able to go home the same day as your body contouring to heal. As you heal your skin will naturally retract to hug your new contours, so that you have a smooth and natural looking result in which you can be confident.


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