Cosmetic Procedures that Plastic Surgeons Warn Against

Various cosmetic procedures the world over are becoming more and more popular, if not a norm in many societies. In fact, statistics show that the number of cosmetic procedures that women in America have had has increased five hundred percent in the last ten years. Despite the enormous popularity of many cosmetic procedures, there are still some cosmetic procedures that the majority of qualified plastic surgeons would warn against. In this article we will look at the most dubious of these procedures that we should all steer clear of according to the professionals.
1. Ribrosection
Some women opt to remove a rib so that they can easily achieve the aesthetic goal of having a small waistline. However, the risks of this procedure far outweigh the benefits. Doctors warn against this procedure, as during surgery it is easy for a surgeon to puncture a lung or damage the patient’s kidneys among other organs.

2. Threadlifting
This is one of those cosmetic procedures that does exactly what it suggests; it is a facelift where the surgeon tightens and pulls back the facial skin by inserting thread beneath the skin and pulling it back. The reason that this is one of the cosmetic procedures warned against is because it can cause irregular bunching of the skin, rippling and dimpling. What’s more is that the thread can be difficult to remove should the patient decide to have them taken out.

3. Silicone Oil Injections
Some doctors may recommend this procedure to improve the appearance of acne scarring. However, most surgeons don’t recommend this procedure, because if the injection site becomes inflamed or infected it can cause a number of more serious complications. Moreover, this kind of implant can’t be easily removed like more solid implants.

4. Large Buccal Fat Excisions
This is the procedure used to remove fat pads from the patient’s cheeks. The reason that surgeons warn against this procedure, is not because of the possible complications, but rather because of the results. While the patient may look good initially, over time the patient will start to look skeletal and overly sculpted, especially as the patient ages and naturally loses volume in their face.

5. Neck Lifts that Remove Glands Below the Jawline
It is a possibility that when a patient has a neck lift, they will have two glands that are prominent near the jawline. Some patients ask to have these glands removed so that they can achieve their aesthetic goals. However, removing these glands is medically dangerous and can result in excessive bleeding, permanent dry mouth and it can cause the patient to have trouble with breathing, especially at night.

In short, while there are many safe cosmetic procedures that can enhance a patient’s beauty and make them feel more confident in their appearance, there are also cosmetic procedures out there that can cause more harm than good. Always make sure that the procedure that your surgeon is suggesting is an approved procedure and that you go to a well known cosmetic surgeon that has your best interests at heart.


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