Cellulite Treatment That Works

At some point in her life just about every woman will get cellulite. Once there, cellulite is almost impossible to get rid of. However with the revolutionary cellulite treatment using VASER Lipo, cellulite can finally be a thing of the past. During this cellulite treatment the VASER Lipo uses a process referred to as LipoSelection to target specific sections of cellulite, or even fat deposits. The VASER Lipo is so powerful that it is able to target fat deposits, while being gentle enough to treat cellulite, even on the most delicate areas like the arms and neck. One of the best things about this particular cellulite treatment is that you will see noticeable results after your first session. Moreover, there is virtually no pain involved with the procedure and there is very little downtime required after the procedure. This cellulite treatment has had fantastic results the world over, and even enhances skin tightening in the areas treated for cellulite.

Cellulite is something with which just about every woman any shape or size struggles. This dimpled skin appears most commonly on the hips, buttocks and thighs. Women get cellulite for a multitude of reasons including genetics, hormones and weight fluctuations. When fat cells protrude through the thin fibrous connective tissue between the skin and underlying muscle, cellulite develops. Some of these septae harden over time, which creates the dimpled depressions of cellulite on the skin.

In order to successfully remove cellulite from any area of the body there are a few base things that need to be achieved. The first port of call is to remove the superficial fat. Then, the fibrous septae need to be loosened so that the skin can become flat and smooth. Lastly, the skin needs to be tightened so as to smooth the skin’s surface. This cellulite treatment process is easier said than done. Most procedures make the cellulite worse or at best achieve moderate temporary results. However, treatment with VASER Lipo achieves miraculous long lasting results.

What Does VASER Lipo Cellulite Treatment Entail?
The treatment is performed under local anaesthetic, with the option of an additional sedative, as an outpatient procedure. First, to totally numb the area the local anaesthetic is infused under the skin through a few tiny incisions that heal without the need for stitches and that don’t scar. Then, using the thin VASERsmooth wand the device melts away the superficial fat, breaks apart the fibrous septae and firms loose skin. The results are a permanently smoother appearance in the area. Once the treatment is complete, a bandage is placed over the area and the patient will be free to go home with no pain.

When recovering from the procedure it is important to follow your doctor’s instructions. In general though, you should be able to shower the next day after the cellulite treatment, return to work after twenty-four hours and your exercise regime after a few more days. Results will be visible immediately, and gradually improve over the next six months. This cellulite treatment really is a Godsend for women who struggle with cellulite.


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