Can Uncomfortably Large Breasts be Made Smaller?

Having large breasts can cause all kinds of physical problems as well as embarrassment. Thankfully, a breast reduction can help cure many, if not all, of the issues that women with uncomfortably large breasts face. Moreover, it is important not to take for granted the improved self-confidence and self-esteem that a woman can have after a breast reduction as she learns to love her body and how it looks in clothes again. If your breasts aren’t big as a result of weight gain, but because of your genetic makeup, frame or hormones; a breast reduction could help you gain the body you desire.

Breast reduction surgery, formally known as reduction mammoplasty, is an operation used to reduce the size and weight of the breasts. The procedure aims to re-establish functional breasts that are in proportion to the rest of the patient’s frame. When performed for aesthetic purposes, a breast reduction can change the size, shape, weight, or droop of a woman’s breasts. Moreover, a breast reduction can be performed solely for the physical benefits of the procedure as it can alleviate the pain and discomfort caused by having large breasts. As such, the procedure can have a positive physical, psychological and aesthetic result. However it is important to keep in mind that post surgery a woman’s breast size will fluctuate with her overall body weight. Thus, should she put on weight, her breasts will increase too.

Why Might a Woman Want Breast Reduction Surgery?

Having disproportionately large breasts to the rest of your body is a medical condition called macromastia. Symptomatic macromastia can cause a plethora of issues, including chronic neck, back and shoulder pain, bad posture, chest wall pain, shoulder grooving, headaches, numbness or tingling of the hands, disturbed sleep, shortness of breath, and rashes under the breasts or where bra straps create grooves.

Another factor to consider is that large breasts can contribute to obesity by inhibiting a woman’s ability to exercise efficiently. Breast reduction surgery helps all of these issues by decreasing the weight and size of the woman’s breasts. The results of reduction mammoplasty are more or less permanent, apart from fluctuations in breast size that will occur with weight gain or loss and pregnancy. By making the breasts lighter, evenly proportioned and smaller, reduction mammoplasty relieves the physical pain and discomfort of symptomatic macromastia, as it deals with the root of the issues.

The benefits of having a breast reduction include improved physical ability and mobility, pain relief, reduced headaches, improved skeletal stability, improved lung function, and improved quality of sleep. Additionally a breast reduction, as previously discussed, can restore a woman’s self confidence, as her body will be more in proportion and thus clothes will fit better so that she feels more secure in her appearance. As a result of all of these improvements, it is hard to imagine that a woman’s overall quality of life won’t improve too, as a result of breast reduction surgery.


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