Breast Reduction to Get Rid of Backache

Having big breasts is not all it’s made out to be. They can make finding clothes that fit well difficult, but more importantly create all kinds of ailments including chronic backache. The upper part of the spine is very strong as it acts as an anchor to the rib cage and supports the upper body. However, this also means that the upper back is prone to backache when the muscles and ligaments are strained by poor posture and repetitive motions. Having large heavy breasts can cause poor posture and thus backache, but the weight alone of large breasts can also strain the back and cause backache.

Large breasts cause backache when the surrounding muscles aren’t strong enough to support the excess weight. This is because the lack of strength makes it difficult to maintain good posture and can lead to spinal deformity. Moreover, when a woman is self-conscious about her large breasts, she may hunch over in an effort to hide them, only making back issues worse. A slightly more obscure reason that large breasts cause back ache, is because they make it difficult if not near impossible to exercise and stretch, which is vital for spinal health and the muscles of the back. In short, having large breasts creates a chain reaction ultimately causing chronic backache. Having a cup size bigger than a D can alter the curvature of the spine, cause posture to compensate, and thus cause backache.

How will Breast Reduction Surgery Help?

When all else fails, breast reduction surgery is recommended to women with chronic upper back pain that is caused by their large breasts. A breast reduction may be the last resort, but it is also the only permanent way to solve back pain caused by large breasts, as it deals with the root of the issue in a way that no other treatment can.

A breast reduction can be performed according to different techniques depending on the case and surgeon’s preference, but the basic principle is to remove as much tissue and fat cells from each breast as needed, and to remove the excess skin. In some cases the nipple will also need to be removed and repositioned. A breast reduction is a fairly common and safe procedure performed under general anaesthetic, and taking up to three hours to complete. Recovery time for the procedure is also fairly minimal with little pain and discomfort. Most women experience any pain or discomfort for about a day or two after surgery, but are back at work within a week of the procedure, and back to their normal routine, including gym and exercise, within two to three weeks.

Women are often surprised at how easy the recovery from the surgery is, and happy with the results and the improved quality of life they gain as a result of the procedure. However, it is a surgical procedure and as such carries possible risks and complications; it would be wise to research these before undergoing the procedure. At your consultation you can discuss the risks and benefits with your surgeon so that you can make an informed decision about solving your backache caused by large breasts.


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