Breast Augmentation is the most Popular Cosmetic Procedure

It may seem like butt augmentation is the new “it” procedure, but contrary to popular belief, breast augmentation is still very much the most popular cosmetic procedure. It is speculated that breast augmentation is still so popular because it is readily available to a large portion of the population, and in comparison to other procedures it is relatively affordable. Moreover, a woman’s breasts are a key part of how she is able to perform her femininity, and thus impact significantly on her body image. As such, this surgery, unlike others, may seem like more of a priority to more women. Moreover, with every year implant technology improves, making implants appear more natural but also making the procedure safer than in previous years.

In fact, not only is breast augmentation still very much the most popular cosmetic surgery procedure, but in some countries like America, statistics show that there has been an increase in people having breast augmentation in comparison to 2015. This increase in the popularity of breast augmentation will have been influenced by a number of social factors, including social media. Thanks to social media, stigma around plastic surgery as a whole, but specifically breast augmentation has decreased. This could be attributed to the fact that once again, thanks to social media, there is more readily available knowledge about breast augmentation and cosmetic surgery as a whole. Social media has shown how normal it is in today’s society to have cosmetic surgery, and as a result patients are more open to discussing it, and thus more people feel comfortable with having breast augmentation.

Oddly, although the prevalence of breast augmentation has increased, the trend is “less is more”. As such, there has been a significant increase in the percentage of people opting for fat grafting. This is when fat is harvested from one part of the body and placed into another body part, like the breasts or buttocks. Fat grafting is so popular in breast augmentation, as it yields natural looking results that look just like normal breast tissue and it is perfect for correcting slight defects or asymmetry in the breasts. Another reason fat grafting is so popular is because unlike with implants, the body cannot reject it’s own fatty tissue. Fat grafting breast augmentation is thus perfect for a subtle enhancement to a woman’s breast, such as going up one cup-size.

Breast augmentation isn’t the only procedure to have become more popular in the last year. The prevalence of facelifts, liposuction, rhinoplasty and eyelid surgery have all increased significantly over the last year. It is suspected that the rise in facelifts is due to the fact that they can appear more natural than having repeated Botox and filers, thanks to improved surgical techniques. Regardless of what the procedure is though, and even though more and more people are opting to go under the knife, the focus is very much on portraying natural beauty and enhancing one’s natural beauty, especially in South Africa where the ideal beauty is very much focused on looking natural.


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