Are you considering a buttock augmentation/ butt lift?

Buttock augmentation is becoming more popular in modern plastic surgery as, having a rather large shapely derriere has become the fashion of the day. Some celebrities are showing off their butt augmentations with pride and satisfaction and as the trends show, many follow their lead. Butt augmentation is currently the fastest growing plastic surgery procedure.

Why would you need a butt lift?

Often patients who want a butt lift came to specialists with some of the following problems:

  • Their bum is just too small in comparison the rest of their body and their skeletal frame.
  • Their bum may be flat or too square and the individual would like a rounder and younger looking behind.
  • Sometimes people have lost a substantial amount of weight and what is left is too much saggy skin.
  • Another problem people have is that their buttocks are out of proportion with the breasts, for example, and clothes and swimwear become ill fitting.

In these cases it would be beneficial to consider having a butt lift.

Autologous fat transfer: The easiest and most popular method of lifting and augmenting your buttocks

An autologous fat transfer is currently the most commonly used method of lifting and augmenting your buttocks. Implants can be used, but are more problematic and fat transfer has more pros where implants has more cons. The pros of autologous fat transfer is that the surgeon will remove fat from other areas of your body by means of liposuction, process it and re-inject it into you buttocks. The first advantage is that you are not putting foreign objects (such as an implant) into your body and secondly  the surgeon can use the liposuction to contour other areas that you find problematic. In other words you can take your belly fat and put in your bum.  It’s a win win situation.

The surgeon will use the normal liposuction procedure to harvest the fat. He will then inject it into the buttocks using syringes connected to cannulas (cannulas are the same tubes used for liposuction). The surgeon will make at least 3 to 4 incisions to deposit the fat, and these will be closed and fitted with drains when he is finished. The drains help siphon off fluid created by the internal fat grafting.

What can you expect after a butt lift?

This is not the easiest procedure to recover from, mainly because of the site of the operation. We spend a lot of time sitting on our bums, and our butts are involved in walking running and even participate in the act of standing. Our gluteus muscles are large and well used by the whole body. Therefore you will find that for the first few days you will not be able to rise out of bad at all. You will have to recline on your side or tummy. Once you get up you won’t be able to sit without a pillow for eight weeks. You will have to wear a special compression garment for that period as well. Worst of all and this gives pause as to whether or not it is worth it in the first place – some doctors forbid shopping for three months… sue for malpractice I say, that just cannot be!


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